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Good morning! Why isn’t there anyone between my legs?

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Small but shining!

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Small but shining!


Are they beefy enough?



Email Submission: “I’m 20 and I feel kinda bad about my labia. One of them is quite big, the other one’s huge. I’m still a virgin, but I’ve been fingered once. It didn’t feel nice how he literally had to search for the way ‘in’.”

Thanks for being brave and contributing. Let me reassure you that your labia are exquisitely beautiful. Large labia, and asymmetric labia, like yours, are perfectly normal. In fact 63% of the female population have labia of different sizes. That’s about 1.7 Billion females over 15 years of age. The average labia width is 3.2cm and 68% of females have labia between 0.4cm and 6cm wide. You are far from alone.

Did the guy who fingered you have anything negative to say? I bet he didn’t. I bet he loved it and practically came in his pants at the touch of your labia :)

My Male Opinions Regarding Female Genital Appearance survey last year proved that the vast majority of guys adore the vast majority of ALL vulva.

The fact is, you are normal and you are stunningly beautiful (OMG the shape of your labia in the second photo is a work of art) and very attractive. You’ve nothing at all to worry about.


That’s some quality Arby’s roast beef :P

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